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The Little House

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Calling all Shoppers!

We have booked our tickets for Market in August and we want to hear from you! Email us at to offer your suggestions on lines or products you would like to see in the store. When you send us an email--we will reply with a 15% discount card for your next purchase!


Announcing the new arrival of Pixie Lily and Kissy Kissy! We have footies, gowns, rompers, hats and blankets for the new babies in your life. Come in for the perfect gift or let us help you complete your layette.

Charlie Rocket

Have you seen the adorable Charlie Rocket line for boys sizes 6 months to age 7? Simple and summery and perfectly boy! We have shorts, t-shirts, and polo styles, come in and check it out...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Staff Pick of the Week!

"My favorite at The Little House are the Noodle and Boo products. The lotion is my favorite-- talk about softer than a baby's bottom! This lotion is perfect for both mommy and baby!" Emily

Stop by and try out these wonderful products from body lotion, to hair polish, and sunscreen. A company that is truly dedicated to giving back to children. Twenty percent of Noodle and Boo's profit is set aside for children's charities.
*The first three people to email will receive free Noodle and Boo sunscreen! Good luck and thanks for checking in!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

names, initials, catchphrases...OH MY!

The Little House would like to introduce our newest lines for personalization:

Margot Madison Decorative Decals and LaPlates! These decorative decals are our latest obsession! They are easy to apply and won't damage surfaces (even paint) when removed. Great for your car window, walls, furniture, laptops or phones--we are constantly brainstorming to find more places to put the decals because there are so many choices and they are all so darn cute! We can't think of a better or easier way to update your child's room.

We were so excited to host a trunk show for la plates last fall and have been in love ever since. They are a great way to personalize your family dinner (visit for special orders).  We also like them with fun catchphrases.  The Little House will soon have fun new designs with sayings on them for all those special occasions. We will keep you posted when they arrive so that you can stop in for some instant gratification.

Red, White and Coordinated outfits?!

Hot Dogs...check
Coordinated outfits for your kids...

With Fourth of July festivities only being a month away it is time to get your checklist complete! Come by
The Little House for adorable brother and sister outfits. We have a great selection of red, white and blue clothing to meet the needs of any event you have planned for the day....even swimming suits! With flag smocking or applique your kids are sure to get more "ooohs and ahhhs" than the fireworks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais is our absolute favorite and we have our good friend Jess to thank for that. She introduced us to this lovely company making muslin blankets long before we even took ownership of The Little House and we have had our little loved ones cuddling in them ever since. Aden + Anais uses 100% soft and breathable cotton muslin which gets even softer with each wash. We LOVE their new sleeping bags to be worn over jammies replacing the need for a blanket. We just received our new shipment, stop in to see the new designs, sleeping bags, and winter warmth blankets.

Summer is here....

Welcome to The Little House blog! We are excited to keep you updated about our existing merchandise and the brand new items arriving weekly. Occasionally we will offer our followers an extra discount so make sure you check back often so you are always in the know....

Today we are featuring our swimsuits. Did you know The Little House carries swimsuits by Lilly Pulitzer, Florence Eiseman, Banana Cabana, Anita G, Anavini, and Vineyard Vines? Come check out our rash guards, water proof t-shirts with SPF 50 built in. I can't think of a better or cuter way to keep your little ones safe from the the sun this summer.