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The Little House

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pop "Across the Pond" Promo

We love our European and European-inspired brands! The colors, the detail, the's all so fun!

During our Pop "Across the Pond" Promo, we are offering 30% off the following brands - Catimini, Deux Par Deux, Joules, Mim-Pi, and Petite Bateau! The promo is only good this Thursday Oct. 24 through Saturday Oct. 26, so hurry in!

Catimini was started in France in 1972. By 1987 they operated 50 boutiques and were selling in 40 countries, and have grown even larger since that time. The brand says it has a passion for children, creating personal style that is "unexpected and full of emotions."

Deux Par Deux
While not technically a European brand, Deux Par Deux is definitely European-inspired and was started in Quebec. (French Canadian kinda counts, right?) Fashion entrepreneurs Claude Diwan and Maurice Elmaleh created the brand in 1986. Diwan said, "The world's children represent gaiety, innocence, and freedom, so we designed a brand of clothing that reflects this." Deux Par Deux's mission is to design and manufacture clothing of superior quality, decorated with amusing designs and playful message, punctuated by sparkling colors.

The British line is colorful and playful - perfect for our Little House kiddos. Tom Joules started the line more than thirty years ago when he sold "country" clothing at equestrian and outdoor events in Britain. At one point he realized that the drab clothing didn't reflect the personalities of his customers. He created 100 pink wellies and they sold like hotcakes! He began to bring color, detail, and prints into his designs and the Joules we know today was born.

This Dutch brand was started ten years ago by founder Eleonora. She said, "The first time I starting thinking about my own kids' line was when I had my daughter. The bulk of girls' fashion out there were mini-versions of what adults wear. A shame, because kids are already growing up so fast! I want young girls to be able to wear funky, fun, and whimsical clothes that they love."

Eleonara gets her inspirations for Mim-Pi from all over. She loves to travel, flip through magazines, search the web, and collect things such as antique jewelry, postcards, and ribbons. She has two children, a girl and a boy. She said, "Often people ask me if I will ever design a boy's line. And the answer is "probably not." I tried it once, but it is not my thing. I learned that boys like 'plain' and 'subtle' and I seem incapable of that. I like to be loud and fun with lots of frills."

Petite Bateau
This French line was started over 120 years ago and is still manufactured in Troyes, France. The company's very first creation was a cut off pair of long johns that they dubbed the "petite culotte." The company prides itself on creating clothing that is very high quality, but also very comfortable to wear. They describe Petite Bateau as "timeless fashion that stays with you at every stage in life because everyone deserves to feel good in their clothes."

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